Tuesday, July 16, 2019

(360 VR) Sri Tanjung Pinang Denai Endau Tanjung Tokong 3 Storey Semi Detached Corner Unit For Rent

Denai Endau area of Sri Tanjung Pinang by E&O in Tanjung Tokong, a 3 storey semi detached corner house is available for rent at RM6500 per month. 5 rooms 7 bathrooms, spacious layout design, big side land. Partly renovated. 
(Above) Outlook

(Above) Entrance

(Above) Parking Lot

(Above) Side land

(Above) Side land

(Above) Side fountain

(Above) Back garden

(Above) Hall

(Above) Hall

(Above) Ground floor back room

(Above) Kitchen

(Above) Kitchen

(Above) Wet kitchen outside

(Above) Back land

(Above) 1st floor

(Above) Hall on 1st hall

(Above) 1st floor front room

(Above) Wardrobe in room 

(Above) 1st floor room

(Above) 1st floor room

(Above and below) 1st floor balcony

(Above) 2nd floor hall  

(Above) 2nd floor balcony

(Above) 2nd floor back balcony

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