Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Solok Scottland Semi Detached House For Sale

A unit of double storey semi detached house on Solok Scottland / Scottland Close for sale at RM2Mil. Original condition that needs lots of renovation, 5 rooms with 3 bathrooms, land area about 4600sf, back side already extended. A river is behind the house.

 (Above) Garage

 (Above & Below) Hall view

(Below) Kichen

 (Above) Room view

(Above) River behind the house

Hillside In Tg Bungah Single Storey Semi Detached House For Rent

Hillside in Tanjung Bungah a unit of single storey semi detached house for rent at RM3000 per month, land area about 3200sf. Partly renovated with partly furnished. 4 rooms with 2 bathrooms.

Beverly Hills 3 Storey Terrace In Tg Bungah For Rent

An original unit of 3 storey terrace Beverly Hills in Tg Bungah for rent at RM2500 per month, land area about 1500sf, total built-up about 2900sf. 

Fully Renovated And Furnished Vistaria Condo in Sg Ara For Sale

A unit of fully renovated and fully furnished Vistaria Condo In Sungai Ara for sale at RM480K. Freehold, 3 rooms with 2 bathrooms, 1050sf. Very nicely decorated home to stay.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Lengkok Burmah Terrace House For Rent Can Be Office Use

A double storey terrace house for rent at RM2000 (June 2019) per month on Lengkok Burmah in Pulau Tikus, land area about 1650sf, 2 bathrooms. facing hawker centre and can be office use. Easy parking.

(Above) Outlook

(Above) Easy Car parking

(Above) Hall view

(Above) Stairs case

(Above and below) 2nd hall

(Above) Store room

(Above) Ground floor backside, toilet bathroom

(Above) Upper floor

(Above) Front office

(Above) Toilet upstairs and back room for office

Below were taken in 2012

 (Above) Hall View

 (Above & Below) Dinning area 

(Above) Bathroom on Ground Floor

 (Above) Master Room Upstairs.

 (Above) Toilet and room upstairs