Sunday, February 22, 2009

Double Storey New Terrace House For Sale In Bukit Penara, Balik Pulau (Unavailable)

The development in Balik Pulau has been enormously until the image has become modern, young and energetic, try to have a trip and you will get what I mean. Recently I visited a new double storey terace house in Bkt Penara where the new Balik Pulau bus terminal is. This new development is just behind the bus terminal, nearby are few rows of shophouses including Ambank and fast food restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken(KFC), the first fast food restaurant in Balik Pulau. This marked a new era for Balik Pulau.

The house is about 1500sf ("20 x 75"), asking price is RM450K. 4 rooms. One thing worth to be mentioned, it was very hot when I visited the house but to my surprise the air is cool inside. My feet could even feel the cool air breezing on the floor. Thanks to the very impressive height of the ceiling.

House sold.

(Above) Very nice and elegant outlook.

(Above) Sideview from the house.

(Above) Hall view.

(Above) Master bedroom.

(Above) Other rooms.

(Above) I was very impressed about the height of the ceiling and roof top.
(Above) Kitchen area. Note the windows on the wall that bring fresh air inside.
(Below) An empty space behind the kitchen.

(Above) Spacious driveway.
(Below) A childredn playground nearby and the bus terminal at far end.


  1. Why Balik Pulau house also so expensive?

  2. Balik Pulau houses is still cheap if comparing to other housing estate like Green Lane, Air Itam, Pulau Tikus and etc.....

  3. Still cheap your head! It's OVER priced!

  4. You may be right, but the house was sold to my friend 2 years back at that price. Now he is offered at near RM600K to dispose but my friend declined.